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Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods

Fifteen years ago, I started Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods as an outgrowth of my 30-year passion for designing and creating unique "art" pin cushions. Over the prior years, I’d discovered and developed special sources for the notion components of my useable art. I then realized that others with my creative and crafting interests might have the same needs for unusual notions from unique resources…
Featured In:
- Country Living Magazine, June 2008


Turning a Love of Trims, Ribbons & Buttons Into a Source of Crafters’ Delight...

Susan's grandmother in front of her store, Smith's Nifty Dry Goods

I’ve learned to combine art and whimsy and nuance: adorning and embellishing my collections, sets and displays. It’s merchandising and marketing, yes. But, it’s also about creating delight... and knowing my customers are pleased... and pleased to return again and again.

I was inspired by my Mother drawing when I was small, fascinated by the “pretty ladies” she created for me. At age four, I asked mother for a good pair of scissors so I could cut pictures from magazines neatly to create my own "store" on the living room rug.

She’s busy as a bee, my Mother always said of me. And, that’s me today. I’m always working on the details of the business, display, design and packaging, etc.

Art was always my favorite subject throughout my school years. At home we were always creative: whether we were drawing, sewing, baking, making Christmas ornaments, painting, scrap-booking...
I’ve always been crazy about textiles, buttons, color, design ribbons and trims.

I made my first pin cushion at age six, and my first quilt at age 12.
I was 24 when I founded the first of my three businesses... so far!

Susan's grandmother in front of her store, Smith's Nifty Dry Goods

My Grandmother had a store, called Smith’s Nifty Dry Goods on Thurbers Avenue in Providence, Rhode Island. She carried a variety of household items. Nana bundled goods by the dozen and tied them with attractive ribbons. Her store was always neat and tidy...the same mode I use at my shows and store displays today...

-- Susan Gower